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968 Folly Road, Charleston, South Carolina

James Island Post 147- Phone- (843) 795-3415


     The holidays are now behind us so now let’s look forward to fun and exciting times at our Post. Post 147 says thank you to the ILA Union for donating hundreds of winter coats. These were taken to the VA and Veterans Centers for Christmas by our Auxiliary. The coats will go along way in keeping the Veterans in need at the VA and Vet Centers warm this winter.
     February 3 is our Four Chaplain’s Ceremony. This is a very beautiful and moving ceremony. Please plan to attend, you will enjoy it.
     The American Legion Department of South Carolina has kicked off it’s 2019/2020 Rifle Raffle Fundraiser. Tickets are $25.00 each in which $10.00 will stay here in our Post. If you want any tickets please see me or an Officer of the Post.
     The American Legion National Commander will be visiting our Post 147 on March 6th. Please come and lets give him a great Post 147 welcome. A few changes have been or will be taking affect this month.
     One major change started February 1st, which deals with debit and credit cards. In order to pay your bill with a card it must be a minimum charge of $15.00 or more. All tabs must be paid by close of business the day the debt occurs. “No carry overs” are permitted. An extra fee may be charged if not paid by the end of the business day.
     There maybe some small construction projects going on in and around the Post. Please excuse any inconvenience it may cause.
     The Noon Year event was the best we’ve had yet. Sorry, if you missed out. Plan to be there next time. What a blast. Thanks to everyone involved in all the hard work.
Lastly, please remember the bar staff that works so hard for our enjoyment.
Also, the Friday Seafood Lunch Crew. They are all volunteers and work very hard to put on a wonderful lunch. Please show them how much they are appreciated. Keep all that are deployed in your prayers and for their safe return. They are the reason we continue the freedoms we enjoy.

For God and Country
Howie Caines, Commander

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