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968 Folly Road, Charleston, South Carolina

James Island Post 147- Phone- (843) 795-3415


Happy Veterans Day!

It was a Veteran, not the Reporter, who gave us Freedom of the Press

It was a Veteran, not a poet, who gave us Freedom of Speech

It was a Veteran, not the campus organizer, who gave us Freedom to Demonstrate

It was the Veteran, who Salutes the Flag, who served Beneath the Flag, and whose coffin is draped with the Flag

If you love Freedom, Thank a Veteran
Well its November and the holiday season is upon us. Please be safe this holiday season in all your endeavors and travels. By the time you get this newsletter, a few events will have already taken place. I hope you didn’t miss them. The Octoberfest put on by the KOC in early October was great and fun for all. The SAL’s BBQ Cook-Off was a great success. All the teams that participated did an outstanding job. Congratulations to the winners. Looking forward to a bigger and better event next year, as it will continue to grow. Job well done “SAL.”

Our membership “Early Bird” dinner was held on November 2. The dinner was to thank all who renewed their membership for 2019 early. This was a free dinner so if you missed out this year, please renew early next year for 2020.

Our membership award for reaching 100% for 2018 is now hanging on the Wall. Thank you all. This is the first time our Post has received this award in 10 years. We are a little over 60% so far for 2019 but we need to continue to work hard so we can hang another plaque next year. Please check the newsletter, website, Facebook and bulletins for any upcoming events.

We are in planning stages to start a new Fundraiser , and events for our Post. If anyone has any great ideas, please refer them to a board member.

Remember in your prayers all those that are serving our country at home and abroad.

For God and Country

Howie Caines

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